WOODAN …… the Secret Agent

software used : 3dsmax, Mental Ray, Photoshop.
I took part in the Secret Agent challenge and this is the image I did for that. I’ve learned many things from the other participates. It was really a great experience.

Concept : Some bad people gather in a particular bar in every night. Usually they drink, make plans and contacts. One night in that bar a strange looking musician was playing his cello very gently. The music was not different from the other days. He had a very calm look in his face, seems like he was only concentrating in playing. But the sight of his eyes was totally different from his body language, they’re meaning something secret. No one noticed him cause all of them weren’t interested in such a cello player rather they’re more busy in drinking.
There was an old piano almost broken at behind of the musician on the stage. A reflection of a shiny pistol (attached at back of the cello) were slightly visible in the piano but not so clear that other can notice very easily. He was the secret agent …… WOODAN.

Achievements :
3DTotal Excellence Award ( featured on the front page once )
GRAFA Excellence Award
CGSociety 3d Stills Gallery

Challenge Link


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